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Los Angeles, CA | rachel@process-progress.com


The creative force behind PROCESS/PROGRESS. 

I help passionate, creative Entrepreneurs clarify and express their vision through a brand foundation and a visual brand identity. I help them create and implement a brand strategy that communicates their gifts and strengthens their connection to their audience. I am here to help my clients align their visual presence with their mission, intention and purpose. My relationship with my clients is one that is both collaborative and intimate, as I tune in to what they really need, and encourage them to share their creative input. Working together in this way, I am able to see the bigger picture, and intuitively lead my clients to fill in the missing pieces of a strong and cohesive brand presence.


That piece may be a new logo, re-arranging of content on a website, a social media campaign, a new business card…there are a number of ways to tweak, test and change aspects of a brand. I am able to help fulfill these needs through my own design skills or by teaching my clients how to do it on their own. I rely on my intuitive gifts to help me do my work, and I am technically and professionally trained in Graphic Design. A BA in Studio Art and an MFA in Graphic Design, equip me with conceptual and critical design thinking skills. Working professionally in the field has allowed my technical design skills to grow and flourish.


My mission is to make branding and design services accessible to Spiritual Entrepreneurs. I aim to teach them the value and impact that these services can have on their business, of which they are unaware or may not have financial access to. I help those that have tried to DIY in the past, but have gotten burnt out from trying to wear too many hats all at once. I want to match the passion of these healers and the work that they do with that of my own - branding and design. I want to be able to empower these business owners to be able to sustain their brands on their own through education, and provide them with ideas, inspiration, tools, resources, strategies and plans.

My business creates a new conversation around the role of designers and their evolving relationship with their clients. No longer are we the ones who just "make things look pretty," we are becoming creative thought leaders, and game changers in our field. It also puts the spotlight on a new and emerging kind of business that is presented with unique challenges. I act as a bridge between two worlds, allowing heart-based entrepreneurs to reach those that have less exposure to this type of work. Spiritual Entrepreneurs are experts at what they do, but not always experts in running the business of doing what they do. I help those people...the people that help people. We heal the healers.