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 Art Direction | Social Campaign Concept + Design

Led conceptualization and execution of a comprehensive paid and organic static social campaign for Taco Bell's national launch of the Cantina Chicken Menu.. Developed the campaign's overarching visual social strategy, art direction for imagery, and customization of assets for diverse audience segments, particularly emphasizing daytime occasions. Collaborated closely with copywriter to design assets tailored for multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Google, and Pinterest. Additionally, partnerships with external agencies and brand partners ensured creative cohesion with the broader visual identity of the campaign. Managed junior designer in  to produce and deliver a substantial volume of assets crucial for the campaign's success.

The campaign spanned a wide range of communication funnels and activations, including a secret food truck launch in LA and NY, Additionally, we a partnered with actor Jason Sudeikis, a lifelong Taco Bell fan, to help launch this new menu of fresh flavors and slow-roasted chicken to audiences, emphasizing its appeal beyond just late-night dining.

CD: Julia Cadar | Photography: Bella Garcia | Account: Emily Quach | Copy: Julia Silvey

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