Brand Identity Design | Art Direction | Exhibition Design

Developed brand identity system for the exhibition including the logo, typography, color palette and patterns. Designed and produced postcards, posters, website, and exhibition panels which required design in 4 different languages. A brand that's edgy and young with the professional touch of a Museum-quality Exhibition. Embodies the vision of old cultural traditions that travel and merge with the new to expand and unite the cultural community in Los Angeles and beyond.




Rachel helped me to achieve brand elegance. My vision

was so abstract and her talents got rid of the clutter.


There is no way that I could have seen past all of the expectations and hopes that I had for my project. I think that's what I call intuition. Rachel seems to navigate other people's huge hopes and existential desires while tapping into her immense visual vocabulary. 

I believe that her work was vital to my project's success,

she helped me to obtain forward movement. I needed visual assets and a website to work at a community scale (and global scale). She translated my work into those media.

- Andrea Lofthouse-Quesada

Creator and Curator, Crossed Pollinations