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Los Angeles, CA | rachel@process-progress.com


The nature conservation movement in China is expanding. It is a community with new and old voices, faces and stories. The exhibition, Crossed Pollinations, at the Alhambra Civic Center Library, investigated the importance of nature in Chinese society--its cultural significance and the intimate relationships people have with it. The exhibit highlights the beauty of nature in China and seeks to catalyze a dialogue about conservation.

As the Brand Director and Graphic Designer, I created all assets required for it's branding including the logo, look and feel, typography and colors and patterns. I also designed all of the supportive collateral and ephemera including postcards, posters, website, and the exhibition panels. Working and designing the panels using 4 different languages was a true challenge of distilling graphic communication to the very essence of our message. We wanted to create a feel for the brand that was broadly appealing, yet edgy and young…with the professional touch of a Museum-quality Exhibition. The meaning behind the name “Crossed Pollinations” lent itself well to the creative direction of the branding…the merging of old and new traditions in Chinese culture that travel and merge with the new to expand and unite our vast cultural community in Los Angeles and beyond.