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J.Southern Studio

Graphic Design | Creative Direction | Art Direction

Developed visual direction and strategy re-brand for the client’s best-selling product categories in label design and packaging. Worked closely with the client and their vendors to create and design customized product labels. Products sold by Nordstrom x Nike, West Elm, Free People, and over 100 retailers in-store and online in the US and Canada. (Images courtesy of J.Southern Studio)

Rachel has put into perspective ideas and concepts that I would not have thought on my own, which is great because this leaves more space in my head to focus on bigger things, like sales and design. My packaging has been elevated and looks much more professional. I could not have done this without her. Rachel has been incredibly efficient on helping me curate a brand aesthetic that looks unique and clearly speaks to my customer. She has a great eye and understands design concepts so it makes it easy for me to communicate with her. 

- Jesse Southern

  Founder + Owner J.Southern Studio

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