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Los Angeles, CA | rachel@process-progress.com


In order to reflect Monarch Astrology’s intelligent and spiritual approach to Astrology, we wanted
to elevate the brand and updated the branding for Monarch’s website and social media with a new logo and brand identity components. Business cards, branded gift certificates and other collateral followed to sustained the consistency and authenticity of the brand. Throughout the entire process

we collaborated through intuitive brand consultations and brainstorm sessions to ensure that the integrity of what Monarch had established for her business before we met was maintained and that the updated branding lent itself to be able to adapt and grow as she moved forward.





"Rachel is a bridge-maker. We know that sometimes people with a lot of intuition and intuitive gifts are stifled or confused by matters of reality; dreamers who keep their heads stuck in the clouds. Rachel, on the other hand, holds the fort down while she looks up into the clouds, translates it, and brings it back down to earth to be put to use on a very real level. In working with her I’ve always felt that I could trust and depend on her. She has a way of inspiring confidence and following through with her word. Soon after we started working together, it struck me that Rachel actually cared about the success of my business on a personal level, that she was on my team, and just as inspired about my own breakthroughs as I was excited to be having them. We had become collaborators - she sees my work and business from the outside, and she gets in there and moves stuff around - assesses what I already have going on (that maybe I can’t see or think of too objectively) and helps me amp up my natural assets.


Even looking at her chart as an astrologer, I can see she has an immense resource of intuition and natural talent, and a go-getter attitude that resources all of her gifts instead of taking them for granted or becoming complacent. She lives what she shares with others.


I’ve been working with Rachel since my site was a baby. I started my blog because I had an excess of passion to share with a large audience about astrology - having exhausted the listening ears of my friends at the time, and realizing that I was meant to share my findings with a broader community. I didn’t know what I was doing - I was just following my nose. She was able to the bigger picture with me and help me bring my growing vision to fruition.