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The one that started it all: Monarch Astrology

We're kicking off the Client Appreciation Showcase this week with my very first client for PROCESS/PROGRESS!

Sabrina is a writer, astrologer, mystic and all around badass. She is also the founder of Monarch Astrology.

Here's the story of how we first connected and started working together:

Here's a shot of the email that I originally sent her! I misspoke in the email, we traded services!

Here's a shot of the email I sent her - I mispoke in the video we traded services with eachother!

In order to reflect Monarch Astrology’s intelligent and spiritual approach to Astrology, we wanted to elevate the brand and updated the branding for Monarch’s website and social media with a new logo and brand identity components. Business cards, branded gift certificates and other collateral followed to sustained the consistency and authenticity of the brand. Throughout the entire process we collaborated through intuitive brand consultations and brainstorm sessions to ensure that the integrity of what Monarch had established for her business before we met was maintained and that the updated branding lent itself to be able to adapt and grow as she moved forward.

To see more of what was created from our collaboration, click here.


Sabrina has some fantastic offerings going on right now that I don't want you to miss. Here's what she wants you to know about connecting and working with her:

  • I write weekly astrological forecasts to a growing audience which you can learn more about on my site by clicking here.

  • I am now offering astrology readings for $30, which allows the readings to be more accessible. It’s put me to work, and there has been a lot of positive feedback.

  • I have a Patreon page where people can support the writing of the weekly forecasts, donors at the $5/mo level or more get a reading just for signing up:


Here are some of the things Sabrina has been able to do since working with me!

  • Get really clear about my BRAND - which I wasn’t really thinking about before.

  • To even know what constitutes a brand… how brand magic works, what is branding.

  • I’ve been able to have a logo and brand aesthetic that I resonate with and feel proud of!

  • I got to know some of the fears and anxieties that come up with branding and how normal they actually are as part of the entrepreneurial process… and I learned how to overcome them.

  • I’ve been able to feel like I have a “real” brand with a cohesive identity, and others haven noticed this too!

  • Your coaching helped me become more professional: to have both a visual brand that reflects that but also an internal shift in my very identity as an astrologer and content creator.


If you have any interested at all in learning how astrology can empower you on your divine path, I highly recommend booking a reading with Sabrina or checking out her forecasts. Her ability to consult with the stars and planets and intuitively translate what she sees into words that are not only incredibly beautiful, but powerful and insightful is truly unique. She has a deep desire to help others with her transformational gifts through writing, listening and offering wisdom that help us navigate an immersive spiritual path right here on Earth.

Thank you Sabrina for the work that you do. Thank you for giving

me the opportunity to work with you, and for being my first ever client for PROCESS/PROGRESS. It is such an honor to call you

a friend, client and creative collaborator. You are amazing!


If you are ready to receive 1x1 support to get clear on your own unique brand, it's foundation and visual presence, I am looking for you. I am opening the doors to work with Entrpreneurs ready to bust through fears that are holding themselves back from creating the business of their soul's desires and to express themselves through a brand that reflects the very essence of their identity. I would love to connect with you. You can read more and apply for a free BRAND CLARITY BREAKTHROUGH SESSION HERE.

Tomorrow I will be featuring another very special lady near and dear to my heart and integral to my business' growth!

Bye for now,


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