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The Oracle has Spoken: Miss Paulette

The second beautiful lady I am featuring for the Client Appreciation Showcase is Paulette Terry, a beautiful soul who helps people connect and remember who they really are. She travels, facilitates and mediates between worlds

to bring information back to us here on earth. She also has amazing personal style, and also is a really wonderful cook and prepares delicious dinners for me!

To learn more about how we first connected, watch this short video!

Here is the original Instagram post I used to call out the oracle and tarot card readers:


Her and I worked together to develop a visual direction and voice for her brand. Her eclectic background and experience and interest in fashion were clear signals in pointing us in the right direction. Together we worked on concepts to improve her Instagram visuals and content flow, to support her new brand identity, as well as a concept for a future website. We have also been working together through brand coaching to develop and integrate the Soul Stylist aspect of her business seamlessly in with the rest of her business offerings.

To read + see more of the work we did together click HERE.


You can learn more about what Miss Paulette does and connect with her on her site and on Instagram!


Here's what Paulette has been able to do since working together!

"When I first started my business a few years back I began as a tarot reader not quite sure where to begin when it came to branding. I actually had no real concept of what branding was about. I was fortunate enough to have met Rachel through Instagram and she completely changed the course of my business. Upon meeting with her she asked me a series of questions that really broke down what my brand was to become which is a reflection of my authentic self. I followed through with the questionnaire and exercises that she gave me and within only two sessions my branding, marketing and I gained overall clarity to what my business was all about.

She enabled me to realize that I already knew what I wanted to do, and the gifts I had to share, I just needed clarity and direction. Through her encouragement and motivation, Rachel gave me the push to confront how great my business could be. With her guidance throughout the process in a series of intuitive sessions, I was able to expand my business services and reach a larger demographic all of which I never thought would be possible!

Under Rachel's program, I can confidently say that my

business and branding is fully aligned with my purpose.

I highly recommend participating in Rachel's branding program.

Allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of what your spiritual business can become with the air of her intuitive guidance and care."


Thank you Paulette for the amazing work that you do and for being such an important presence in my life. You have helped me shape my business to what it is today and I would not be where I am without you!

If you are ready to find clarity and direction around what you already know you want to do, what gifts you have to share and see your authentic self clearly, I invite you to apply for a free BRAND CLARITY BREAKTHROUGH SESSION with me.

We will take a deep dive into what could be holding you back from reaching greatest potential see and clear those limiting beliefs so you can find relief, freedom and motivation to keep going on your path!

If you would like to connect and receive your free session you can do so here: YES, TAKE ME THERE PLEASE, I'D LIKE TO APPLY!

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