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Juju and Jewels: J. Southern Studio

The next lady featured for the CLIENT APPRECIATION SHOWCASE

is the lovely miss Jesse Southern, the owner of J.Southern Studio. Jesse is a craftswoman, a creatrix, a badass visionary, and a blast to work with.

We met at a neighborhood shop local event in LA and I was so impressed by her jewelry collections and wellness kits that she had been developing.I thought that the design direction was awesome,

and that she had gotten off to a great start - but I immediately felt this sense of a vision that was one step away from being realized but needed the help of a designer to bring to full fruition.

I let her know a bit about what I did and what I felt I could help her do.

It took awhile for us to finally connect but when we did, it was absolute magic. She has become one of my favorite clients to co-create and collaborate with her, because she is so connected to her vision.

Here's what the label looked like before:

Used a lot of hand-sketching during this project:


Using inspiration drawn from Art Deco and Art Nouveau tropes, we devised a system for each of the six kits so that they would work together as a collection, with room for variation and uniqueness among the individual products.

I wanted the design to reflect inspiration from Art Deco and Art Nouveau but not be dependent on it. This put a fresh, modern edge to the labels and brought longevity, continuity and consistency to the brand as a whole.

To read about and see more of the project, click right here.


Jesse has lots of awesome stuff happening right now, and I do not want you to miss out on all the goodness she is creating! Here's what she wants you to know:

I am working on a new jewelry collection, and always looking to update and improve my Shaman (Wellness) line. I went to Capsule New York next week to show the line.

You can learn more about my studio and connect with me here.


Here's what Jesse has been able to do since working with me:

  • Rachel has put into perspective ideas and concepts that I would not have thought on my own, which is great because this leaves more space in my head to focus on bigger things, like sales and design.

  • My packaging has been elevated and looks much more professional. I could not have done this without her.

  • Rachel has been incredibly efficient on helping me curate a brand aesthetic that looks unique and clearly speaks to my customer. She has a great eye and understands design concepts so it makes it easy for me to communicate with her.


Thank you so much for the work that you do Jesse, for bringing artistry, beauty and healing to the world with your creations.

I am so grateful to be your collaborator and client. You are awesome!


If you are seeking a clarity to make your dream come to life through clear, strong and magnetic branding, then I am ready to connect with you.

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In this session we will get to know one another, and take a look at the gaps and missing pieces keeping you from living your dream reality now!

To read more about this incredible session and how to apply, click here.

I can't wait to connect with you!

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