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She’s the LADY: Marlena McClain + LADY

The next lovely lady featured in the Client Appreciation Showcase

is Marlena McClain.

Marlena is a photographer and the founder of the Lady Art Collective, an all-female art collective focused on bringing artists of diverse backgrounds to serve females in the creative and artistic space.


Marlena and I met through a mutual biz connection and she became the “Test Subject” for my very first run of my Intuitive Branding Program. I was very inspired by her vision and wanted to help her

get clear on her goals for her own photography practice and expand the branding and visibility for LADY. Working together through a series of 1:1 coaching sessions, Marlena was able to move through fears that were keeping her stuck from creating her vision into a fully realized reality.

Since working with me Marlena has been able to: • The Lady Art Collective picked up a major sponsor -

By Gaining Confidence in my skills as a mixed media designer, photographer and artist, I let go of the “What Would People think”

fear - and went ahead to make flyers out side of my own comfort

zone. I gained a sponsorship, facing my fears and earned a

community of artistic women to represent in my show. • I learned to Let Go. By letting go of a large client. We

both learned of our strengths and weaknesses of each other.

As the old saying goes - if its meant to last they will come back,

if not - you know your answer. And of course the client came

back, under new terms and new contract. • Gaining the courage to start asking for more. For years I had been giving myself away, in bad relationships, in bad partnerships and of course in my business. This left me depleted of energy and I started to become resentful. I was working for less $$$ and working harder than anyone I new in my field. Again this goes back to self confidence, and having the courage to start charging more. Though I am not at my target goal, - I know I will eventually be there - I have been saying NO more and Yes!!! to me. I am so in awe of you Marlena, you have done an incredible job working on yourself and on your passions and dreams…It is exhilarating to see how far you’ve come and I am so grateful to

have been a part of your growth.


For more information on the Lady Art Collective (The show is March 9th in LA) you can go here


If you have a vision but are feeling repeatedly stuck in your second-guessing, fears, doubts, worries and anxieties of what other people will think, let’s connect. I support women in finding clarity in who they are, what they are trying to create, by learning to use and trust their own intuition to bust through the limiting blocks and beliefs that are holding them back from doing this fully. If this sounds like you I invite you to apply for a Free Brand Breakthrough Clarity Session…where we will get to know one another, laser in on your goals and focus in on what could be holding you back from getting there. At the end of our session I’ll give my professional recommendation on how to move forward to start creating that new reality NOW. You can apply here. I can’t wait to meet you.

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