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WITCH PLEASE: The magic of Cerulean Serpent.

The Client appreciation features would not be complete without a tribute to my most recent client, Flux Fnord the owner and creator of Cerulean Serpent!

Flux came to me with a vision of a logo for her magical business, that represented the essence of her exquisitely crafted, artisan and luxury magical products.

I am so grateful for her trust in me and in the creative process...the first round of ideas were headed in the wrong direction and we had to re-route. With a little persistence, faith, and fiery creativity and passion, her vision was alchemized into a design dream.


Here's a message from the Enchantress herself:

"My absolute joy is creating wearable magic artifacts totally customized for the individual. The perfumery aspect of my business is in the final stages of work before a first scent release this spring. I not only create magical objects but I also offer divination and remote energy healing. Sign up for my mailing list and add me on Instagram/FB to be notified when new things are added to the shop!"


Make sure you check out her site to see for yourself all of the magical offerings: HERE.

She is also holding a giveaway on her instagram in honor of the full moon in collaboration with some other amazing artisans and brands, if you'd like to enter you can find all the info HERE and don't forget to give her a follow. :)


She created a necklace for me that is completely customized to what I was desiring and felt like I needed support with. (Pictured below)

I have been wearing it every day since receiving and I cannot tell you enough how protected, grounded and connected to my intuition I feel.

Magical jewelry is perfect for me because I tend to forget to protect my energy. This way I can have protection with me at all times, and stay true to myself in luxurious fashion too. :)


Here's what Flux has been able to do from working together:

"I was able to zero in on the image of my dreams, generate a bunch of energetic momentum for my business, and feel the power and strength of cooperating with another creative female badass.

Working with Rachel was inspirational from the moment we first interacted through the completion of our project. In fact, she continues to inspire me even now! Collaborating with other creative types can be a real challenge sometimes. But it doesn't have to be, and Rachel is a shining example of how amazing it can be! She was always focused on the project, never on personal ego, and was so flexible and helpful even when we decided to make a 90 degree turn from our initial trajectory. She always made me feel heard and supported while I chased my slowly emerging vision. And now I feel so empowered knowing that our creative brainchild connects us in a web of empowered female entrepreneurs. Let's change the world, ladies!"


Thank you lady for all of the mgaical work you do, and for being in service in your divine and exquisite way.

If you are seeking clarity around your emerging creative business or project, and feel like you would like some support with a logo or brand identity. I'm ready for you!

I am calling in my next magical client with whom I can collaborate and help manifest their vision into physical reality. I offer intuitive logo and brand identity packages, and would love to tell you all about them.

To get started, please email me, and tell me a little bit about you, your biz and what you are desiring to create.

With love,


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