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BRANDING QUICK TIPS: How To Give Yourself an Intuitive Brand Audit!

One of the quickest and most effective ways to gut check if the visuals you are putting out there to represent your brand are in alignment with your vision and voice is to give yourself an intuitive brand audit. Now what does that mean exactly? 💎 This means that you really need to allow your physical experience of intuition in your body (i.e. your heart and your gut instinct) to work through your EYES. You need to put on your editorial hat and look at the presentation of your brand from an outside and critical perspective. If you’re having trouble doing this on your own, you can always ask a trusted peer to help you out! 💎 One of my most favorite tools to use to give yourself a quick intuitive brand audit is INSTAGRAM! In this tutorial (which was pre-recorded in my private FB Group the x Badass Brand Society x)


For more intuitive branding resources and quick tips, join us in the x Badass Brand Society x on Facebook or get on the BADASS LIST to receive updates!

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