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Meditations and musings on the magician card feat. The Abstract Tarot
Meditation and musings on the Magician Card.

July 13th 2018:

I'm embarking on a 22-week journey to complete the 22 Major Arcana cards of my deck which is as of right now entitled "The Abstract Tarot."

The intention of my deck is to interpret each of the cards visually through my abstract and geometric illustration style and emphasize the essence and core symbolism and emotion behind each card. The idea is that without the highly detailed and figurative images to lean on, you can create interpretations of each of the archetypes and messages of the tarot in a brand new way. I am leaning heavily on the symbolism as it relates to the kabbala because it is more closely tied to my ancestry (being an American Jew.)

This week...the energy of the Magician entered into my life. The rush of energy from the New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Cancer has made me feel that anything is possible. That I can literally create my desired reality...and that all of the resources and tools I need are already within me. Of course...with that exhilarating feeling comes a bit of overwhelm and anxiety...with great power comes great responsibility. My soul card is the Magician and I have believed in the idea of creating something out of nothing because I believe that literally everything can be inspiration and a resource. My Jupiter placement is also in Aries in the 2nd House which I feel is a very Magician-like placement, therefore this card feels very special and natural to me.

The inspiration for my design of this card relied heavily on the idea of infinite possibilities and resources. It was important that the motion of energy reflected the original designed were reflected here...reinforcing the concept "as above, so below" which also became the name of this card. I recently learned from a book I am reading, Magic of the Ordinary, that av'ra k'dav'ra (sound familiar?) in Hebrew means "I create as I resonate/speak," which may become the card name ultimately. Jewish sorcerers always conducted their magic inside a sacred circle, so I felt that this shape as the dominant form of the card felt appropriate.

Tarot meditations and musings: The Magician.
Tarot meditations and musings: The Magician.

I am not sure this will be the final design, there may be some minor shifts and design details included...but I resonate deeply with the overall direction of the visuals. I am also still working out how I will color the final designs. I have been playing around with watercolor...but I am not 100% sure this is the direction I want to go in. The back of the card design and border are also we move through the meditations of each of the cards you may see these shift as well. I am playing around with different ideas for the backs of the cards and the typographic details and will share updates as they become more refine.

What do you think!? Do you resonate with this interpretation of the Fool Card? If you are interested in following along on my Tarot deck creation and follow my deck's Facebook Page and on Instagram!

AND...if you are interested in receiving intuitive and branding related offers, messages, guidance and magic from me in the future, become a member of the BADASS list!

Bye for now!





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