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I spent the better parts of December and January creating a really solid structure and strategy for my business. I was certain that I would be successful, because at the time, it felt so powerfully aligned with my vision. As the end of January came closer and closer, and the effects of this Eclipse started to arrive, I began to feel super uncomfortable with the way I was running things in my biz. I was following my plans, being super clear, putting myself out there with confidence, had developed these awesome offerings, and shared them shamelessly! You can imagine my surprise when I realized that this wasn’t working, no one showed any interest in working with me, and expressing and sharing in my biz started to feel really forced, tense and exhausting.

I had to take a step back. I spent time reflecting on what was going on. Asking my intuition and my spiritual team for guidance. What is going on here? What am I not seeing? Why is this not working? I realized that I had taken on a very obsessive (Hi, Scorpio!) perception of my client attraction approach. It had become this consuming obsession of mine to “GET CLIENTS,” it started to feel very metallic, very transactional, very material, and I had left behind the actual reason why I want to work with clients 1-on-1 in the first place, to help them! Someone I admire in business said recently: “Marketing is not a vending machine, you can’t just put something in and then out pops a client.” As soon as I read that, it hit me. HARD. This was exactly how I was treating marketing and client attraction in my business! So on this Full Moon Eclipse, I let that all go.

I came back to the heart (my heart) of who I really am, and what I do. I stopped focusing on telling people how I could help them, and just started actually helping them. I am refining my strategy so that it truly aligns with who I am NOW. Leaving behind the material aspect of working with clients and focusing on the spiritual, personal, intuitive and heart-led aspects that resonate not only with others but with me.

In February, I am looking forward to releasing attachments to the way I have structured and set up my strategy for my business, and being open to heart-led transformation and change. Trusting, loving, and accepting myself completely and fully. Focusing more on actually being of service to those who are actually connected to me, rather than so concerned with making sure anyone and everyone knows exactly who I am and what I can do for them.

If there’s anything you can take away from my experience it’s this: Building a dream life and career sometimes requires reconstructing our blueprints. It’s okay to plan and take off down a direction that you feel good about and then recognize that it’s actually not feeling very good and you need to completely (or just partially) change directions for awhile. Just another adventure of learning to trust myself (AKA building a business that I am proud of and actually enjoy running.)



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