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The LAST Moon Tarotscope! (Full Moon in Virgo, 3/2/18)


Well wouldn’t you know it, for a Full Moon in an earth sign happening at the end of a Water season, most of the energy that came through in the Tarotscope was influenced by Air energy! LOL@ the Universe sometimes, man. I actually love the air influence showing up for us now. Because of all the huge emotional and energetic movements we’ve been experiencing, I feel like the first place we culminate negativity and fear and doubt is with our thoughts. So this Full Moon is a great opportunity for us to check back in with our mentality at this time. Amidst all of the movement, how are we treating ourselves mentally? What kinds of thoughts do we find ourselves thinking on a daily basis? Are these thoughts supporting our authentic selves, or are they supporting our fears?

The cards pulled in this forecast are:

- The Fool

- The 5 of Swords

- King of Swords

AND we also have the giddy, joyful, playful energy of the fool ushering us in to March with reckless abandon and lust for life. If you find all the mental work getting a bit too heady for you, put on your Fool’s hat and go decompress with friends and a good meal, a walk out in nature, curling up with a good book, or a creative expression sesh.

This is the LAST Moon Vision Clarity Tarotscope I will be releasing (what!?) More about that below, but first please enjoy the forecast, it is such an honor to support you!


Sometimes as an intuitive business owner, changes that are aligned with who I truly am, as I evolve, can feel reckless. Why am I now changing things up when it’s taken so long and so much work just to get to where I am? The truth is…although they feel like sudden, shocking changes (thanks, Tower) some of these shifts I’ve had inklings of awareness for, for a long time now. The time just hadn’t come yet to actually implement the change, and this rush of it all happening at once, NOW, can feel…unmooring.

But it’s important to remember that I am being guided by my anchor, my heart, to serve the purpose of continuing to deepen and open up to true, unconditional love, for myself, for others and for my life and purpose.

This will be the last Moon Tarotscope video I share for now. While I love the idea of sharing these videos and enjoy doing the readings, the time and energy of filming, editing and distributing these videos has weighed down the initial excitement and intention for them. They have become like a chore, and I do not want anything in my business to feel that way!

So, they are shifting. Instead of doing a video Tarotscope for each Full and New Moon every month, I am going to be sharing video Tarotscope that cover the energy of each astrological season. These videos feel much more aligned with my new shift in direction which leans heavily on the archetypes of astrology and the tarot to support intuitive and creative entrepreneurs with authentically branding and expressing themselves, and eases the workload a bit for me. I still plan on honoring the moon with shorter readings via blog post or maybe live readings once in awhile!

The first video will be released for Aries season later in March (which is also the 1st sign of the Zodiac!)

I am also working on crafting a new offering which will use the archetypes of the tarot and astrology to reveal and illuminate your most authentically aligned brand identity and strategy (for you or your biz, or both!)

I will be needing some guinea pigs to test drive this offering soon and wanted to let my community know! If this is something you might be interested in, please email me at and let me know!. Tell me why this idea lights you up and why you would love to receive and offering like this for your brand. As I move forward in crafting this offering and releasing it out into the world, I will be in touch with more information.

That's all for now! Thank you for your continuous support, I am so grateful for you!



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