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Branding | Art Direction | Graphic Design | Illustration

A multi-faceted, flexible brand that explores the duality of structure and fluidity. Making the intangible, tangible through lush, rich colors, deep textures, handwritten scripts, and geometric shapes. A brand that reflects the infinite with a human touch.


I am SO FREAKING GRATEFUL for Rachel! She’s a powerful, talented badass who is pure magic and amazing at what she does. With great care and attention, she was able to tune into my body of work and channel the perfect brand for it. She listened to my needs and blew me away with her creations. 


Rachel is a true artist, in every sense of the word. I am already itching for ways to continue collaborating and keep thinking to myself, “what can I create now that requires Rachel’s support?” Working with her is a dream and a total gift.

- Sally Mercedes

  Founder + Owner, Reclaim Sacred

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