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Look + Feel | Art Direction | Social Campaign Concept + Design

Collaborated with the Art Director and External Agencies to develop the visual identity for the highly anticipated return of the Volcano Menu, featuring Paris Hilton. The focus was on infusing nostalgia with playful nods to Y2K aesthetics while keeping a food-forward approach to modernize communications for a Gen-Z audience. Concepts drew inspiration from cultural references like Perez Hilton, tabloid articles, Delia's catalogs, and the AIM era. Tailored concepts were created for various social channels based on platform suitability.

Oversaw the end-to-end execution of the social campaign for both paid and organic early access and launch assets. This included providing art direction for product photography, crafting design assets, and guiding production designers to maintain design and brand standards.

CD: Brandon Bale | ACD: Julia Cadar | AD: Winston Elliot | Account: Rae Santangelo | Copy: Jordan Elle

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