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Los Angeles, CA | rachel@process-progress.com

I work with those who are ready to take the next step towards reclaiming their own authority on their gifts, their passions and their creativity once again. Those who are ready to make their passion into a priority, and also a profit.


“The Defenders of Creative Expression.”


Badass, creative and courageous Trailblazers who are ready to blast-off at the speed of light in pursuit of their dreams. Who are desiring to demolish any fears, any blocks, and any doubts along the way.

My work involves a holistic approach that includes coaching, branding and graphic design, all with an intuitive twist. Why? Intuition is the key to crafting a brand that is uniquely you. Through collaborative brainstorming, I help clients hone in on what energies are most important to them both as a person and as a creator. Together, we move beyond the obvious and into the intuitive, creating space for ideas to come to the surface where they can blossom, flourish, and be translated into an authentic, totally aligned brand. This is how we will create a brand that is uniquely YOU.



Foundations are where your brand begins, knowing who you are, what you do, who you do it for and why are essential in creating an impactful brand. I work with clients to bring clarity to their foundations through Intuitive Brand Coaching. Once the foundations of your brand are firmly established, it is time to focus on creating a visual identity that is fully in alignment with your vision, voice and message.

When a brand’s visuals are not alignment with those, it creates a disconnect that can leave would-be customers feeling unsure of who you are and whether or not they want to work with you. Awkward. It’s simply a reflection of misalignment in your brand. How you are presented online and through a visual identity is your first and only shot to let people know immediately what you’re all about. That is why it is imperative for what you say to translate into what they see.

My Brand Identity Package is for those who are ready to make their vision come to life through an aligned visual presence. Not only will you walk away with a completely designed and ready-to-use Brand Identity, but you will also receive support on how to implement and maintain your brand moving forward as you evolve and grow.

Interested in working with me on either Brand Coaching or Brand Identity Design? Schedule your free 30-minute Clarity Chat, and see what the possibilities are for working together!



It’s tough to be clear and confident in who we are, what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it when we don’t have the proper time and support we need, but at the same time don’t have the budget to spend. What are you supposed to do?

If you are ready to launch your soul-aligned brand whose vision, values, purpose, offerings, target audience, messaging, positioning, strategy and more are clear, strong, magnetic and impactful, but aren’t ready to break the bank…I’ve created an incredible offer just for you.

The 6-Week Brand Vision Clarity container! Get ready for intimate support, massive transformation, and manifestation of an aligned brand at lightning speed.

Here are the details:
- Four (4) 1:1 60-minute sessions with me. These are powerful and inspiring session where we will dive in deep to get to the heart of your vision, we will get super clear on what you desire to do and what inspired action steps are needed to make it a reality.

- Unlimited audio, video, text and email support for the entire 6-week period. You’ll have plenty to work on in between the times we meet, and there will be times when you have questions, desire feedback, want to share an inspired idea, or celebrate your progress. I am making myself 100% committed and available to you so that you have all the support you need on your incredible journey.

- Unlimited energetic + intuitive support for the entire 6-week period. Since we are creating your brand intuitively, it is important that you receive all the support you need in developing, listening and trusting YOUR OWN inner guidance. That means, meditations, tarot spreads, channeled messages and beyond are available to you during the entire time we work together!


And the best part about this offering? The price!


A container like this is valued at over $5,000, but because I know how starting a business from the ground up can be on the finances, I am so excited to offer this container for less than HALF that.


If you are being pulled by this offer to support you in creating a clear, strong, impactful brand that reflects all of who you are, all of what you do and is in alignment with you purpose, please set up a free 30-minute clarity call to chat more about working together.


I’d love to get to know you and ensure that you are a perfect fit for this incredible and exciting opportunity.  

I knew from the moment I saw Rachel I wanted to work with her. Firstly Rachel's personality is very warm and loving and helps the client relax and open up themselves to the infinite possibilities. Rachel is very professional and  brought forth some key points and messages that have definitely helped me going forward with my business. Her session is a melting pot drawing on all her intuitive talents in order to help the client find a solution. If you are in need of clarity and branding guidance she is your girl! I know I will be booking a follow-up session in the near future.

- Amanda Roop, Intuitive Coach




I offer Creative + Design services for the launch, maintenance and evolution of your brand.


I work with:

Makers, Artists, Creatives,

Entrepreneurs, Non-Profits, Startups, Small Businesses.


Brands In the Arts, Fashion, Lifestyle, Fitness, Beauty, Self-Care, Spiritual, Wellness space.

Services Include:

- Creative Direction, and  Consulting

for Campaigns, Photoshoots, Events, Brand Experiences.


- Creative Consulting on Brand development, growth and innovation, messaging, and positioning.

- Packaging + Label Design.

- T-Shirt Graphic + Apparel Design

- Printed Design Collateral: Posters, Postcards, Brochures, Business Cards, Letterheads, Annual Reports, Promotional + Marketing Design.

- Digital Design Collateral: Email Marketing, Social Media Design, Web Design (Graphic Assets Only),  Promotional + Marketing Design.

- Design for Spaces + Places: Exhibition Design, Signage, Trade Show Collateral, Vinyl Banners, Large Scale Window Decals, Billboard Design.


To request a copy of my resume and/or see more design samples specific to your needs, please email me!




Workshops, Events, Speaking Engagements, Collaborations, Guest Expert-ing in your Group Programs or Mastermind, Guest Blog Posts, Podcast Interviews, Reading tarot

at Events, and probably some other things

I haven't thought of yet!


If you'd like to discuss any of these potential opportunities with me,  send me an email! 


  If you are interested in working with me on creating a Visual Brand Identity, Brand Coaching or Graphic Design project, the first step is to connect on a 30 minute Clarity Chat!

You can schedule that here: 

  If you'd like to get in touch with me for any other reason (some of which I have listed to the left) or you'd just like to say hello and connect,

please email me anytime!

Before working with Rachel, I was feeling exhausted. I was stuck in the "shoulds" and felt like I was getting behind as every day went by. After our time working together, this exhaustion instantaneously shifted into a state of ease and inspiration.

I was able to confidently move forward with excitement and begin creating from this energy of inspiration. I am so grateful for Rachel and highly recommend her work!

- Meredith McElory, Intuitive Coach