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Why You May be Struggling to Create a Soul-Aligned Brand! [VIDEO]

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

You’re doing all of the things for your business, wearing all of the hats, playing all of the parts and for the most part you’re doing it on your own.

Stress! Isolation! Burnout! Exhaustion! Overwhelm!

It’s just not clicking. You know who you are deep inside, and you have a vision for what your soul is calling you to do...but how are you supposed to express that to others in a way that is impactful and aligned when you’re just a swirling mess of ideas and overwhelm with no clear focus or direction? When you can’t even see the next step?

I’ve created a free video that answers the question: “Why you may be struggling to create an aligned brand,” which I shared on my blog today. My hope is that it can shed some light on how you may be feeling trying to create a magnetic brand that resonates and connects on your own. And hopefully, a solution!

It’s tough to be clear and confident in who we are, what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it when we don’t have the proper time and support we need, but at the same time don’t have the budget to spend. What are you supposed to do?

If you are ready to launch your soul-aligned brand whose vision, values, purpose, offerings, target audience, messaging, positioning, strategy and more are clear, strong, magnetic and impactful, but aren’t ready to break the bank…I’ve created an incredible offer just for you.

The 6-Week Brand Vision Clarity container! Get ready for intimate support, massive transformation, and manifestation of an aligned brand at lightning speed.

Here are the details:

- Four (4) 1:1 60-minute sessions with me. These are powerful and inspiring session where we will dive in deep to get to the heart of your vision, we will get super clear on what you desire to do and what inspired action steps are needed to make it a reality.

- Unlimited audio, video, text and email support for the entire 6-week period. You’ll have plenty to work on in between the times we meet, and there will be times when you have questions, desire feedback, want to share an inspired idea, or celebrate your progress. I am making myself 100% committed and available to you so that you have all the support you need on your incredible journey.

- Unlimited energetic + intuitive support for the entire 6-week period. Since we are creating your brand intuitively, it is important that you receive all the support you need in developing, listening and trusting YOUR OWN inner guidance. That means, meditations, tarot spreads, channeled messages and beyond are available to you during the entire time we work together!

Value: Over $5,000

Your Investment: Less than half that!

Why investing in brand and design support is beneficial for your biz.
why investing in brand and design support is beneficial for your biz!

I am so excited to offer this super accessible and powerful container to help YOU move forward in making your dreams your reality.

If you are being pulled by this offer to support you in creating a clear, strong, impactful brand that reflects all of who you are, all of what you do and is in alignment with you purpose, please email me at so we can connect, or set up a free 30-minute clarity call to chat more about working together.

I’d love to get to know you and ensure that you are a perfect fit for this incredible and exciting opportunity.

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