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Clarify Your Brand's PURPOSE: FREE Guided Meditation.

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Clarify your brand's purpose using this free guided meditation!
Clarify your brand's purpose using this free guided meditation!

Whenever someone asks me how to get started building an authentic brand, the step that I always recommend for them is to: START WITH WHY.

What I mean by that is, start with clarifying your vision, your purpose for doing what you do. This step, inspired by Simon Sinek's book and TED talk of the same name, encourages people to focus on why they do, rather than what they do.

As consumers, we make buying decisions instinctively and intuitively, using the limbic part of our brain which has no control over rational language or thought. So it only makes sense that we should shift our perception of what a brand needs to be (perhaps more logical and rational) to something that is authentically cultivated and aligned with our intuition.

“We have gut reactions in three seconds or less. In fact, emotions process sensory input in only one-fifth the time our conscious, cognitive brain takes to assimilate that same input. Quick emotional processing also happens with cascading impact. Our emotional reaction to a stimulus resounds more loudly in our brain than does our rational response, triggering the action to follow. – Dan Hill, Author, Emotionomics: Leveraging Emotions for Business Success

Therefore, it is really important to get clear on our WHY so that we can ground everything else we do for our brand building and creation back into that purpose again and again. This is something that you will always come back to when you're feeling lost, stuck or confused along the way.

This can be tough to do, especially if it's something you've never really allowed yourself to explore fully. Luckily, I've created this free "CLARIFY YOUR WHY" guided meditation to help you get started! So, grab a pen and paper, sit back, listen in and let the ideas flow!

Clarify your brand's purpose using this free guided meditation!
Clarify your brand's purpose using this free guided meditation!

I use this meditation whenever I am starting to feel a bit disconnected from myself and from my business. It is a great way to quickly and easily center myself back into my purpose so that I can feel confident in moving forward from a place of authenticity ad taking inspired action!

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