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Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Leo! ROAR. Here's your TAROTSCOPE.

Full Moons, and Eclipses and Energy, Oh my! We’ve got a big cosmic week happening here ya’ll and I am so excited to share the Tarotscope to help you move through this energy as authentically and aligned as possible. Eclipses come in cycles, so with the eclipse this week we are reaching the end of one cycle and beginning another one. ☠️ Think back to the eclipses that happened last year in February and August (Yeah, remember that biggie?) What sorts of themes, topics, ideas were you working on then? What challenges and obstacles and lessons were you bumping up against at that time. These are the things that we will be culminating this week with the Lunar Eclipse. ☠️ The cards pulled for this tarotscope were: - Death - The Page of Pentacles - The 4 of Pentacles ☠️ Because it’s a Lunar Eclipse we are dealing with all things MOON, aka our inner world, our emotions, the things that we keep close to us, our family, our relationships, how we relate to emotional situations…these things are coming up for us this week. What has been coming up for you this week? How are you feeling? What are you working on this week for your Eclipse theme?

Pay attention to your Moon Sign, what is she trying to say to you? My moon sign is in Cancer and the Moon is currently transiting through the sign of Cancer before we reach Leo tomorrow, so lots of watery emotions and psychic and creative powers are activated. I was guided to take it super slow today and focus on creative projects that bring me lots of joy. Oh, and to listen to some really awesome music while doing it. 🌙 Because at the end of the day, we are all just spiritual beings having a shared human experience on this crazy planet called Earth, running around like crazy people just trying to figure it all out. Try to think of what your 4 year old self would do. Mine would say “Hey Rachel, it’s going to be okay, so just sit back, relax and enjoy this ride. Smile at the camera, blow a little kiss and rock out with your bad ass self and this velvet flower dress.”

Have an amazing Eclipse!

Until next time,


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