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Post V-Day NEW MOON + SOLAR ECLIPSE Tarotscope (Live!)

Eclipse energy is like a pause.

Between these two eclipses we were suspended in the balance of what has been and what is to come. If you feel like you “should” be doing something during this time, but find yourself desiring not to do much, it’s because the Universe is allowing us this time to just hang out, while we are cosmically being prepared for our next phase. It can be uncomfortable, especially if we are programmed to always be moving forward, always be working on something, always striving for the next stage. When we reached the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on Thursday, we may be more enlightened and inspired about what is happening or is to happen in our worlds. When before, we may not have had all the information yet.

In honor of Aquarius season, following my higher vision, and desiring to break out of my mostly contained box, I decided to offer the Vision Clarity Tarotscope for this New Moon + Solar Eclipse LIVE on Instagram and Facebook. It was so fun to offer the reading in this way, and get some facetime with those who look to the readings for support during this highly energetic time.

The cards pulled during this tarotscope were:

- The Page of Cups

- 7 of Cups

- 4 of Pentacles

*DISCLAIMER* This video was recorded LIVE on Facebook on February 15th, 2018 and has been re-purposed to share with the rest of my community who were not able to attend live at the time of the reading.

I was deeply feeling the anticipation of our transition into Pisces energy now, where we are presented an invitation to take all of the information floating around in the Atmosphere from Aquarius and dive deep into the inspiring and flowing waters.

Think of a sea bird flying high above the ocean, able to have a clear view of everything around and below her, taking in her freedom and space, scanning the environment for information and forming her strategy...then within the blink of an eye, diving head first into the water at first glimpse of her inspiration - AKA her next meal! I liken this analogy to our transition from Aquarius into Pisces. We have been flying, coasting, waiting, watching, and now we will be ready to dive straight into the watery depths of our own inspiration, to immerse ourselves in our creative ideas, so that we can align with our truth, our power, and make heart-led decisions on our next steps forward.

I hope that you enjoyed the reading, and I look forward to incorporating more live versions of readings for you in the future. That's all for now, this moon was the only New or Full Moon of February, so I'll be back at the beginning of March for the next Full Moon in Virgo.



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