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Vision Clarity Tarotscope! Capricorn New Moon (Video)

On Sunday morning I channeled a message with insight and guidance for the week ahead. It just so happens that the card I pulled for this week is one of the same cards I pulled for the New Moon in Capricorn Vision Clarity Tarotscope only a few hours later that same day...The Six of Cups! (Read the weekly forecast here.) The appearance of this card only can mean one thing...although it's a New Moon in earthy, practical Capricorn, it would be unwise for us to ignore our emotions and inner landscape completely during this time.

Normally during the beginning and ending of the Moon’s cycle we are asked to take “time” and “space” to do something…whether that is to go within, reflect, surrender, cleanse, detox, call in, create space etc. Refreshingly, this New Moon in Capricorn is asking us to do a bit of that with the appearance of the 6 of Cups…asking us to check in with our inner and emotional landscapes, to see how we feel about what it is that we are doing and pursuing…but the rest of the cards are signaling to us that it is nothing more than “business as usual.” We are urged to continue about our plans and our trajectories, our goals and intentions without stopping, or pausing, or reflecting or any of that, but rather to do all of that as we go. Shifting and transforming and adjusting on the fly, on the job. We are being urged to continue doing the work, in true Capricorn fashion! The cards pulled for this forecast are: - The 6 of Cups - The 3 of Pentacles - The 8 of Pentacles I have adjusted the forecast videos slightly to integrate more deeply in with my soul’s purpose, brand and business offerings. These reading videos are now called Vision Clarity Tarotscopes and they are intended to help us align our energy with our most authentic truth and selves in conjunction with the energy of the moon, understand how this energy is desiring to be expressed at this time, and receive the next, most aligned, step to take so that we can move closer towards our desired outcome! The forecast will be out soon, stay tuned and I hope that you enjoy it, and find some resonance with the messages coming through.


This Capricorn moon is in opposition to my natal moon (in Cancer) but it is the first time I am feeling a very deep connection to Capricorn. Normally this sign feels very foreign to me. I understand the motivation behind continuing to move forward regardless of what is happening internally. Seeing it as “staying in your magic” is a beautiful interpretation for me…it allows me to honor my plans and continue to do the work in a way that feels authentic and true for me. I am also feeling the intensity, emotional tenderness and discomfort of my Cancer moon being affected by the opposition! So as I continue to move along my path, I am remembering to be super gentle with myself. How are you all feeling today? Water sign peeps, feeling it? Are you a water sign or do you have a lot of Water in your chart?

(P.S. You can look up your astrology birth chart for free using sites like But to get the full picture, you'll need to know what time you were born!)

The New Moon Vision Clarity Tarotscope is ready and waiting for you! If you’d like some deeper insight into my interpretation of the energies coming through right now to help you align and express your authentic self. Enjoy!

Oh and one last fun thing:

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But more on that later. Bye for now!



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