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A SAGITTARIUS WALKS INTO A BAR. (New Moon Tarotscope time!)

Hey Magical People!

I’m back after a brief hiatus post-travel, post-sickness, post-Gemini Full Moon! The last one was a doozy right? But now here we are ringing out the end of the year in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. We have 5 planets in the sign of Sagittarius right now: Sun, Moon, Mercury (I know it’s retrograde), Venus and Saturn. This is the last opportunity we have to work with Sag energy in Saturn before it leaves and moves onto Capricorn. This is the end of an era. And the beginning of a new one. We have been working with Sag in Saturn for the past few years and now we are in the home stretch. Everyone is going to be in a different spot depending on where your natal Saturn is, but we all are moving through big shifts at this time.

We are reflecting.

We are pausing.

We are waiting.

We are breathing.

We are watching.

We are listening.

We are dreaming.

We are receiving.

We are celebrating.

We are moving.

We are reacting.

We are creating.

We are giving.

We are making decisions.

We are changing.

We are shifting.

We are transforming.

We are being asked to return to our highest visions now, and this New Moon is our perfect inner world companion at this time. We are so supported by this incredible energy to return to our dreams, our most expansive, far-reaching visions that we truly desire for ourselves.

We are also at the tail-end of our Mercury retrograde which I feel influenced the forecast heavily! Hang in there everyone.

I hope that you enjoy this forecast. It feels so good to be back and sharing these videos with you, and I hope that they are helpful to you as you move through this beautiful life.

Your ideas are important, your dreams are important, your thoughts are important, your voice is important.

Oh! And I am so excited to share with you my newly revamped website complete with a new look and updated services page. As a new entrepreneur it has been a blessing and a challenge to continuously craft a brand that reflects all of the many changes and shifts that I have experience over the past couple years. I feel that all of the different expressions of my brand are finally lining up with my true intentions, mission and purpose (until it’s time to shift again of course!) I’d love for you to check it out and welcome any feedback or suggestions you have.

Well, that’s all from me for now. I wish you a magical Holiday season and a happy New Year!

I can’t wait to explore all of the gifts of 2018 with you. First up: Full Moon in Cancer on January 1st.



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